Seminars in Taiwan addressed the environmentally relevant issues of exhaust gas abatement

Photo: (from left to right): Dr. Christoph Scholz (CS CLEAN SYSTEMS AG), Miller Hsu (Zillion Tek Co. Ltd.), Dr. Eckard Kopatzki (CS CLEAN SYSTEMS AG)

A series of seminars recently held in Taiwan addressed the environmentally relevant issues of exhaust gas abatement for the semiconductor, photovoltaic and LED industries. The events focussed specifically on the emission of toxic arsenic compounds and global warming PFC gases. The meetings were hosted at the Ambassador Hotel in Hsinchu and Southern Taiwan Science Park Administration Bureau in Tainan.

The conference was organized by Zillion-Tek Co. Ltd, a leading supplier of semiconductor materials, chemical products and detection equipment, together with The Department of Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering of the National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology (NKFUS), and CS CLEAN SYSTEMS. CS CLEAN SYSTEMS AG is headquartered in Germany and specializes in the abatement of hazardous waste gases used in the semiconductor, LED and photovoltaic industries.

With a growing awareness of public health issues in recent years, and increasing environmental consciousness, both the discharge of toxic metals and gases with a high CO2 equivalent have been receiving closer attention. The seminar focussed on the risks posed to the workplace by the extremely toxic gas arsine, upon which the manufacture of both HB-LEDs and III-V semiconductors rely very heavily.

A number of presentations relating to the above topics were given by Professor BingQi Xu and Professor Zhengren Chen, both from NKFUS, Dr. Christoph Scholz, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and founder of CS CLEAN SYSTEMS, and Dr. Eckard Kopatzki, CTO of CS CLEAN SYSTEMS.

In addition to strategies for the energy-efficient scrubbing of greenhouse PFC gases, the use of dry bed scrubbing was discussed as a means of eliminating hazardous emissions of arsenic within the workplace and as waste water discharges in Taiwan.

CS CLEAN SYSTEMS uses its proprietary CLEANSORB granulates for the safe removal of toxic, pyrophoric and corrosive gases from semiconductor and related high tech manufacturing industries. Gases are chemically bound to form stable solid materials which are returned to CS CLEAN SYSTEMS dedicated service centers to ensure no emissions to air or to rivers.