Figure cleansorb exhaust gas treatment LABLINE gas scrubbing for toxic process gases

CLEANSORB exhaust gas treatment LABLINE consists of a small absorber column housed in a compact, ventilated cabinet. The ability to passively chemisorb hazardous gases at ambient temperature is particularly advantageous for laboratory work, as the LABLINE does not have to be started up for each new experiment.

The broad selectivity of CLEANSORB® chemisorbent media for a diverse list of gases and liquid precursors, ranging from corrosive or toxic species to the latest generation of organometallic complexes, provides ideal flexibility for R&D needs.


  • Negligible laboratory installation costs for exhaust gas abatement, easy operation
  • Long column life for R&D applications – low cost of ownership
  • Can be used to abate combined vent purge gases from several gas cabinets
  • Front panel control and parameter display, volt-free contacts and a digital signal interface

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