MOCVD, or more correctly, Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy (MOVPE or OMVPE), is a technique used to grow monocrystalline (epitaxial) compounds from Group III and V elements of the periodic table. Compounds such as GaAs, InP, AlGaAs, InAlGaAs and GaN are used to manufacture a diverse range of products, including optoelectronic devices, HEMT transistors, concentrator photovoltaic cells and LEDs, to name a few.

Given the relatively high usage of toxic hydride gases such as arsine, phosphine and hydrazine, MOCVD ranks among the most safety-critical of applications in terms of exhaust gas management. Safety of personnel and elimination of toxic emissions to the air and waterways are of primary concern.

MOCVD Process Typical Gases Used
Transistors AsH3, PH3, NH3, TBAs, TBP, UDMH, TMAl, TMGa, TMIn, H2
III-V Photovoltaics
LED Lighting
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