Specialty gases are supplied to process tools from cylinder cabinets, liquid delivery systems or from larger vessels in outdoor bunkers. Many gases commonly employed are either toxic, pyrophoric, or corrosive.
Uncontrolled release of gas from cylinders poses a serious safety threat to both the workplace and the neighborhood, owing to the quantity of pressurized, concentrated gas. Safe handling of hazardous gases is also required during cylinder change-out, when the gas supply panel is purged free of remaining gas. Ask us about safe disposal of residual “heel gas” from used gas cylinders.
Ask us about our CLEANVENT cartridge and CLEAN-PROTECT emergency absorber for your safety requirements on the gas supply side.
Gas Category Examples
toxic AsH3, H2S, COCl2, HCN
pyrophoric PH3, B2H6, GeH4
corrosive HCl, Cl2, HBr, BF3, F2
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