Figure Cleansorb exhaust gas treatment, fabline gas abatement product

Exhaust gas treatment by CLEANSORB FABLINE FX is the latest version of the series that has proven its reliability in thousands of CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS installations worldwide. An additional backup column on the FABLINE FX product offers the benefits of an uninterrupted operation using the dual-column model, but with a smaller footprint.

Operating modes and system status are conveniently visualized and selected via a touch-screen display. Gas purging and leak testing of the absorber column are fully automated for flue gas cleaning. With the safety and performance of all CLEANSORB chemisorber media, FABLINE FX is the model of choice for your specific process application, including:

Plasma Etching, CVD, ALD, Ion Implantation and CIGS Photovoltaics.

FABLINE FX Advantages

  • Passive operation, no power, heating, fuel or water required
  • Made of corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel and high quality components
  • Advanced remote connectivity via USB, Ethernet, FTP, NTP, OPC
  • Wide range of configurations and options, including integrated fan
  • Available in SEMI-S2 compliant version with redundant safety features

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