Figure cleanvent gas purge for residual gases

CLEANVENT gas purge by CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS is applied before a new gas cylinder is commissioned. Very small but significant amounts of process gas must be removed from each gas cabinet. Purging residual gas from the last cylinder is mandatory both for safety reasons and to ensure the purity of the next gas supply.

Residual gases are usually highly concentrated, toxic, self-igniting or corrosive and therefore pose a significant hazard. The CLEANVENT cartridge has been proven for decades to be an extremely reliable solution for the removal of hazardous gases in exhaust gas cleaning.


  • Removal of harmful gases directly at the point of origin in the gas cabinet or specialty gas manifold
  • Reliable, irreversible conversion of gases to stable solids at room temperature
  • Available for over 100 different gases and organometallic precursors
  • Service and refill through our worldwide service network

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