fabline exhaust gas removal product for harmful gases from production processes

CLEANSORB FABLINE is our standard model for the removal of harmful gases at production level.

The off-gas cleaning product is available in three different column sizes and can be optimally adapted to the requirements of pilot lines. Of course, it can also be easily adapted to complete production plants. With thousands of dry bed absorber systems installed worldwide, FABLINE is the ideal model thanks to its adhesive CLEANSORB granules.

Its uncompromising safety and efficiency in the treatment of process gases makes it perfect for process applications in the high-tech industry.

Plasma Etching, CVD, ALD, Ion Implantation and CIGS Photovoltaics.

CLEANSORB® FABLINE Exhaust Gas Removal Advantages

  • Passive operating principle, requires no electricity, heating, fuel or water
  • Manufactured from corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel and the highest quality components
  • Automated procedure for pressure retention test and inert gas purging facilitate column changes
  • Precisely tailored configurations for harmful gas treatment, e.g. integrated fan
  • Also available with SEMI-S2 compliance for prescribed safety standards

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