Most CVD processes include a Plasma Chamber Clean step to remove deposited silicon, metals, oxides or other CVD by-products from the chamber walls between wafer processing steps.

Most commonly in silicon CVD, an upstream „remote“ plasma source is used to generate fluorine as an etchant from Nitrogen Trifluoride, NF3.
The intermittent high flows of corrosive gases used in chamber cleaning pose a challenge to many non-dry abatement technologies. CLEANSORB dry bed absorber technology allows at-source scrubbing of aggressive acidic gases and avoids costly waste water treatment of chlorides and fluorides.

Chamber Clean Process Typical Gases Used
Silicon Chamber Clean F2 (from remote NF3 plasma)
MOCVD Chamber Clean Cl2, HCl
Photovoltaic Chamber Clean F2 (from Fluorine Generator)
CS-Clean Solutions Picture Cleansorb at Work