CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS Partner CLANET Inc. Inaugurates Service and Refill Center in Yongin, Korea.

Much has been achieved since the foundation of CLANET Inc. in April, 2017. In June 2018, CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS sales and service partner for Korea moved into a new building in Yongin. The new facility includes office space and a 200m2 service area for the refilling and refurbishment of returned CLEANSORB dry bed absorber columns.

Situated within one hour’s drive from the major semiconductor manufacturing plants in Korea, the new CLANET facility in Yongin is ideally located to serve its semiconductor, photovoltaic and FPD customers.

With many years of experience in the field of dry bed scrubber technology, Refill Center Manager Mr. Kim says that the facility is well equipped to support the requirements of a HVM market such as Korea. Having visited the new center in August 2018, Silvia Sprenger, Head of After-Sales Operations at CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS in Ismaning, Germany, was impressed by the competence and motivation of the CLANET team and predicts a flourishing business in the years to come.

CLEANSORB® dry bed chemisorber technology is used to convert hazardous exhaust gases and liquid precursors from semiconductor processes to solid by-products. The scrubbing reaction is fully passive and does not generate waste water. Our customers avail of a worldwide network of local service centers for refilling of expended CLEANSORB columns.

For more information, visit our website www.csclean.com or visit CLANET directly at www.clanetc.com

Recent photo taken at the new CLANET site, showing Manager Kim, Silvia Sprenger and Jongmoon Lee, General Manager of CLANET Inc.

Modernization of CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS Refill Facility in Ismaning

Ismaning, January 2018

CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS AG recently announced the opening of a new facility for the refurbishment and service of waste gas treatment columns. Opening of the modernized facility at its Ismaning (Munich) headquarters follows successful completion of a 12-month trial phase.

Unused process gases and hazardous by-products from plasma etch, CVD and similar semiconductor processes must be removed efficiently and safely from exhaust lines to ensure safety of personnel and compliance with regulatory emission standards. For over 30 years, users of the CLEANSORB® range of dry scrubber products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland have enjoyed a comprehensive maintenance package comprising a unique take-back and disposal service for the spent absorber material. Similar customer support is available in other countries through the CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS network of local service centres.

Expansion of the service centre at the Munich facility was necessary to increase throughput and keep pace with the steady growth in semiconductor research and processing in recent years, particularly in the III-V sector. The modernized facility has been re-built from scratch in a dedicated building which is equipped to the highest standards of operator safety and materials handling.
The CLEANSORB® waste gas abatement system removes hazardous process gases by chemical conversion to stable solids at ambient temperature (chemisorption). No external heating, waste water, or other facilities are required for operation. Hence, the CLEANSORB® system is fully passive, and is permanently on standby, even in the event of a power- or other facilities failure.


On Friday the 14th of October CS CLEAN SYSTEM AG celebrated their 30 anniversary and the inauguration of an additional building for the re-fill department.
Most international sales partners who had their annual group meeting the day before also took part in the celebration.

As representative of the municipality, Mayor Dr. Alexander Greulich addressed the good relations between the community and CS CLEAN SYSTEMS AG.

The next speaker, company founder Dr. Christoph Scholz, had many interesting thing to say about the company’s history.

The CEO of CS CLEAN SYSTEMS AG, Georg Lipperer, finally added an overview of recent activities, the status quo and future prospects.

After that, of course, there was a buffet and drinks. As well as some live music as background for many interesting conversations.

At the end of the party, every guest received a CS beer mug as a souvenir.

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