Relevant technologies for the abatement of process gases are predestined for wafer processing, the solar industry, and MEMS manufacturing. They are pyrophoric, toxic or corrosive. Unconsumed process gases and hazardous by-products must be efficiently and reliably removed from exhaust lines to ensure personnel safety, environmental protection and uninterrupted production.

CLEANSORB Technology

CS-Clean Solutions Picture Cleansorb at Work

CLEANSORB gas treatment technology is based on dry bed chemisorption at room temperature. Hazardous gases are converted into stable anorganic solids. The chemisorption reaction between gas and sorbent is irreversible. This ensures that hazardous gases are bound in a solid form and cannot be released again.

After removal from the CLEANSORB system, absorber columns can be sent to the nearest CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS refill and service center. They will be cleaned in accordance with regulations, refilled with new absorber granulate, and tested for full functionality. If possible, the used absorber granulate is reconditioned for other uses.

Our granules for gas treatment technologies are subject to continuous quality control. They are improved in our research and development department in order to be at the forefront of the introduction of new technologies.