New Orders received for Oxford Plasma Technologies RIE and PECVD Systems

Image of waste gas treatment CLEANSORB dry bed abatement system

CLEANSORB dry bed abatement system

CS CLEAN SYSTEMS is pleased to announce a new round of orders for its CLEANSORB dry bed abatement systems. The latest systems are scheduled for shipping to research institutes and manufacturing facilities which recently placed orders for new Oxford Plasma Technology equipment. In all, a total of six CLEANSORB dry bed absorbers are to be supplied, adding to the large existing base of CLEANSORB systems installed on Oxford Plasma Technology RIE and PECVD tools.

  • Safe removal of silane (SiH4) and ammonia (NH3) waste gases from a Plasmalab¬133 system used for deposition of Nitride and Oxide Photovoltaic Thin Films;
  • Etching of III-V structures for Optoelectronic R&D, requiring waste gas treatment of gallium and indium chloride etch by-products, in addition to the toxics phosphine and arsine, from a Plasmalab¬80¬Plus;
  • Two customers using Oxford Plasma Technology systems for Deep Silicon MEMS Etch, where the dry scrubbers will absorb the toxic and corrosive fluoride by-products;
  • PECVD of silicon nitride (SiN) and silicon oxide (SiO) for Biosensors;
  • SiO Via Hole Etching for Si integrated circuits using a Plasmalab¬800¬Plus system.

The new systems are to be commissioned at research institutes and small manufacturing facilities located in Poland, Italy and Germany. Applications covered by the lab-scale CLEANSORB systems will include: 

CLEANSORB dry bed absorber technology has established itself as the waste gas abatement solution of choice for RIE and PECVD users, particularly on account of its maintenance-free operation, with no handling of hazardous by-products for laboratory staff. The absorbing lifetime of the refillable column typically extends to well beyond a year in R&D and pilot-scale settings. The system does not require electricity, water or fuel to function, and is always on stand-by with no start-up or shut-down required.