CS CLEAN SYSTEMS successfully enters the solar cell market with CLEANSORB dry bed absorbers

The potential advantages of Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS) solar cells have been widely reported, and this very promising technology has already found its way into mainstream manufacturing. The technology used to apply CIGS thin films to various substrates differs significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer, with each having its own technical merits. However, common to nearly all methods of producing the CIGS material regime is a selenization and/ or sulfurization step in which the gases hydrogen sulphide and hydrogen selenide are used as the precursors of sulphur and selenium respectively.

The toxic hazards and accidents arising from the gas Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) are well known from its use and handling in the mature petroleum and chemical industries. Hydrogen selenide (H2Se) is an extremely poisonous substance with a TWA TLV of 0.05 ppm and IDLH = 1 ppm. The toxic nature of the gases hydrogen sulphide and hydrogen selenide, and also the high total volumetric flowrates from solar panel manufacturing place high demands on the safe waste gas treatment of CIGS processes. In addition to the abatement of the exhaust gases themselves, safeguards to protect against the emergency release of H2S and H2Se from gas cylinders to the factory neighbourhood is also strongly advisable in view of the toxic potential.

With more than 20 years of experience CS CLEAN SYSTEMS has been serving the semiconductor industry with its unique CLEANSORB technology converting exhaust gases into stable inorganic solids.
As the leader in dry chemisorption technology, a wide range of proprietary granulates are available which have been optimized for the many process gases and liquid precursors used in semiconductor and solar panel manufacturing.

For the exhaust of solar cell manufacturing CS CLEAN SYSTEMS has developed in-house special new granulates and now delivered several abatement systems to various customers.

AVANCIS has just completed the purchase of two emergency absorbers for the H2S supply of its new module production facility in Torgau. The two CLEAN-PROTECT CP1000SF are hooked up in parallel.

With our innovative abatement technology we can help to reduce manufacturing costs and meet even the most rigorous factory emission requirements.

CS CLEAN SYSTEMS’ eco-friendly CLEANSORB technology safely removes hazardous waste gases without consuming energy, water or fuel. There are no secondary emissions to the environment in the form of waste water or NOx. Moreover, all of our products are designed for lifetime serviceability and re-use.
The expended CLEANSORB column can be returned to any CS service centre worldwide for disposal and replenishment with fresh absorber.