University of Madrid chooses CLEANSORB Dry Bed Absorber for III-V Photovoltaic Research

The University of Madrid has selected CS CLEAN SYSTEMS to deliver a CLEANSORB dry scrubber for its Aixtron AIX 200/4 MOCVD reactor. The CS195SC single column system, which includes several sophisticated safety features for the MOVPE application , is used to abate the toxic and flammable gases AsH3 and PH3 used in the epitaxial growth of III-V concentrator solar cells.

GaAs based multijunction devices are the most efficient solar cells to date, with record highs of over 40 % reported for controlled laboratory conditions. Originally developed for “high-end” space exploration and satellite applications, they are increasingly being deployed in terrestrial concentrator modules on account of their superior performance. The ability of compound photovoltaic cells to absorb light over a wide area of the solar spectrum owes to their multiple bandgap structure The thin films required to define the energy bandgaps of the solar cell are epitaxially grown, usually on germanium substrate wafers, by means of MOVPE.

MOVPE (MOCVD) poses a critical challenge in terms of exhaust gas management. The combination of liter per minute-range flows of the toxic hydrides arsine and phosphine (AsH3 and PH3), the pyrophoric metalorganic precursors of gallium, indium, as well as the predominance of hydrogen as the carrier gas, place high demands on safety of operation and handling.

CS CLEAN SYSTEMS’ eco-friendly CLEANSORB technology safely removes hazardous waste gases without consuming energy, water or fuel. There are no waste water discharges of arsenic or other heavy metals. Moreover, all of our products are designed for lifetime serviceability and re-use. The expended CLEANSORB column can be returned to any CS service centre worldwide for disposal and replenishment with fresh absorber.