AIXTRON receives first of 11 CLEANSORB® Dry Scrubbers for new R&D Centres in Dornkaul and Suzhou

Image of AIXTRON SE - CS Clean Systems customer for exhaust gas treatment
AIXTRON SE – CS Clean Systems customer

AIXTRON SE, the leading provider of MOCVD reactor equipment to the global optoelectronics, LED and semiconductor industries, has chosen CS CLEAN SYSTEMS dry bed scrubbers for its new R&D centres. The CLEANSORB waste gas treatment systems will be used for AIXTRON’s own R&D work on MOCVD equipment and processes.

In total, 11 CLEANSORB CS200SC models are to be installed at the AIXTRON R&D Center in Dornkaul, Aachen, Germany, as well as at the new training facility in Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) in China. The Suzhou training centre is a joint venture between AIXTRON and the prestigious Suzhou Institute of Nanotech and Nanobionics (SINANO). When up-and-running, the CLEANSORB dry bed absorbers will be serviced directly from the CS CLEAN SYSTEMS China office based in Shanghai.

The gases and liquid organometallic precursors used in the MOVPE growth and etching of III-V epitaxial structures are critical in terms their toxic, pyrophoric, and corrosive natures. CLEANSORB dry chemisorber technology does not use activated carbon or other combustible materials. Hazardous gases are converted to stable solid by-products by dry chemical reaction at room temperature without the requirement for heating or the generation of contaminated waste water.

The hermetically sealed CLEANSORB absorber column design ensures that the MOCVD user never comes into contact with toxic MOCVD by-products. At the end of their absorbing lifetimes, CLEANSORB columns are returned to the local CS CLEAN SYSTEMS service partner for service. After refurbishment and refilling with fresh chemisorber, the absorber column is then shipped back to the customer for further usage.