CS CLEAN SYSTEMS conducts a Gas Abatement Workshop for G450C and F450C members

CS CLEAN SYSYEMS, Inc. is a member of the F450C and associate of the G450C consortiums located at CNSE Albany, New York.

The Global 450 Consortium (G450C) was established to develop and demonstrate the technologies required to enable semiconductor manufacturing on large-diameter 450mm wafers. The initiative, which is supported by major semiconductor manufacturers and receives further funding from the state of New York, operates from a dedicated cleanroom facility at CNSE’s NanoTech Complex in Albany, NY.

CS CLEAN SYSTEMS held an informative two-hour Gas Abatement Workshop on Tuesday, October 22, 2013, at the CNSE campus. Over forty (40) attendees from the G450C and F450C consortia, as well as fellow semiconductor associates from IBM, Samsung, TSMC, Global Foundries, and Intel were in attendance.

The workshop addressed gas abatement applications within the context of next-generation chip fabrication and focused on key future requirements in the areas of safety, energy-conservation and minimizing environmental impact. Several process applications which are predicted to play an increasingly important role as device dimensions are scaled downwards towards 10nm were also discussed, including: Plasma Etch, Atomic Layer Deposition, III-V on Silicon MOCVD. The guest speaker was Mr. Joe Guerin, Head of Sales and Marketing, CS CLEAN SYSTEMS, AG.