The FX is the latest version of the CLEANSORB® FABLINE series whose reliability has been proven on several thousand installations worldwide. An additional back-up column offers the interruption-free advantage of a dual-column model but with a lower floorspace requirement. Operating modes and system status can be selected or visualized via a touchscreen display, while gas purging and leak-testing of the absorber column are fully automated. Enabled by the safety and performance of CLEANSORB® chemisorber media, the FABLINE FX is the model of choice for a wide range of process applications, including:

Plasma Etching, CVD, ALD, Ion Implantation and CIGS Photovoltaics.

Your advantages

  • Passive operating principle, does not require electricity, heating, fuel or water
  • Built from corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel and high-quality components
  • State-of-the art remote interfacing via USB port, Ethernet, FTP, NTP, OPC.
  • Wide range of configurations and options, including integrated blower
  • Available as SEMI-S2 compliant version with redundant safety features

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