The PRIMELINE series represents the fully-featured version of the CLEANSORB family of dry bed exhaust gas abatement systems. The system is especially engineered to handle the gas flows and related operating conditions of safety-critical process applications – notably those of Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD).

The smaller-footprint CLEANSORB PS models feature a back-up column, allowing production to be run to completion even after the capacity of the main absorber column has become depleted. The larger CLEANSORB PD model incorporates two full-size absorber columns plus a back-up column; one main column can remain active absorbing exhaust gas with full SEMI-S2-compliant safety protection, while the second column is independently purged before removal from the cabinet for refilling.

Your advantages:

  • Dedicated CLEANSORB® chemisorber media for critical MOCVD gases such as AsH3, PH3 or GeH4
  • Optimized for safe thermal management of high flow silicon and III-V epitaxial processes
  • Unique safety functions such as infra-red temperature monitoring and inert gas cooling
  • Touch-screen control (PD model) with automated operating routines
  • Available as SEMI-S2 compliant version with redundant safety features

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