Many of the specialty process gases used in semiconductor wafer processing and other manufacturing industries are either pyrophoric, toxic, or corrosive. Unused process gases and hazardous by-products must be removed efficiently and safely from exhaust lines to ensure safety of personnel, compliance with regulatory emission standards, and process uptime.

CLEANSORB® dry chemisorber media removes hazardous process gases by chemical conversion to stable solids at ambient temperature, and is the enabling technology for the CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS dry scrubbing product line. No external heating, moisturization, or other facilities are required for operation. The chemisorption reaction between gas and absorbent is irreversible, ensuring that hazardous gases are bound in solid form and cannot be re-released.

After removal from the CLEANSORB cabinet, the column is ready for shipment to the nearest CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS Refill and Service Center. There, the absorber columns are cleaned, refilled, checked-out and tested in accordance with local or national regulations. Where possible, the spent materials are re-processed for recovery of metals, or for other industrial uses.

Our dry scrubbing resins are subject to permanent quality control procedures and ongoing R&D work to keep abreast of emerging semiconductor process recipies and chemistries.